Saturday, December 27, 2008

Glutton for punishment or just reality??

This month has been so crazy busy. I have planned to blog about this and blog about that, but I just have not had enough time. I go back to work on Monday after being off for 10 days and I know that it will be hard to get back in the groove of things.

The Diva and I have had a pretty good break and Christmas was great. I have spent that last 2 days telling her to turn her music down. I have to wonder about my sanity in the choice of having Santa bring her a huge stereo. My only thought was that maybe I would not have to listen to High School Musical any more in the car. Maybe I did not think that one all the way through you know. Beyond that life is pretty sweet right now.

I am now in the middle of plans for her birthday party. She is having a High School Musical Makeover Dance Party. Yes I am a glutton for punishment. 14 little girls for 4 hours, they are going to have their hair and nails done all while singing along with High School Musical. My dog is going to have heart failure when all these people show up. He is not exactly what you call a people dog. There went my sanity.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rude People

I know that rude people are just RUDE! I know that everyone can not be nice. I mean I have been known to not be the sweetest person, but I try to be mostly considerate ya know. So I was at Publix today and I bought my bag of chocolate and I am trying to leave. I go to my car, get in and look behind me. Well there is this person rolling their cart up their car. Ok I can wait no problem. Ok she opens all the doors on her car and proceeds to load about $250 worth of groceries into her trunk. I have no idea why she had to have her doors open to do this. Well what can I do, other than tear the doors off her BMW, which I will admit I thought about. Finally I she finishes and I am still waiting cause really where can I go, she is completely in my way. On my way to FINALLY back up she gives me this look and throws her hands up. Ok at this point I am ill with her and think I should go pop her one but I back up and go to work anyway.
So I know this is the Season to be kind and considerate and I know that you should really be kind and considerate all year, BUT when is it my turn to be rude??? Dang it I want a turn too. Everybody else gets one, I WANT MINE!
So in this season to be sweet lets say a prayer for the rude person and the person that did not kill them for being rude!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Meet Presley

This is the newest member of my family. His name is Presley. I have never had an inside dog before, so this is a new experience for me. We should have named him Kelli's Shadow, because that is what he is! He is driving me nuts, but I love HIM! Bless the Diva's heart she wanted a inside dog so we got her one. Well he has turned into my dog. LOL!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Here is how you combat that Thanksgiving weight

So... Jan and I were being fools and were in the Wal Mart on Saturday... well we went looking for a box for her to send to her kids and had a little time to kill before she went home to watch the Alabama Auburn game at 2:30. Well we get to the check out line and we look at it 2:05. Plenty of time, she lives about 3 miles away so it was not a big deal that we hurry. The lady in front of us has 4 things, they are all produce. Well apparently they were not ringing up correctly and she is having a cow over the onion and the bell pepper. She thinks that they are cheaper than what they rang up. I looked up and the cashier is GONE! Well apparently she has went to the produce section to check it out. Ok just so you know I would have given her a dollar to just go the HELL on. In the end I think she saved right at 50 cent. If she would have taken my dollar she would have came out ahead.

Well in the time that we had to kill we are looking at the various "impulse" items you can buy. Its random things like cd's, chapstick, febreeze, dog toys you know all the things that you would really think that you need at the check out. Then we spot IT! Jan finds it first and begins to laugh. She shows it to me and well... words fail me. I am ACTUALLY speechless. QUICK LOSS DIET SPRAY.

Ok number one, who in the hell would buy some shit called Quick Loss Diet Spray? Number Two I mean REALLY??? It works in minutes and lasts for hours? Ok what happens when it wears off? Do you gain twice what you lost? I know that there are lots of things that people will buy to lose weight but a SPRAY??
Ok that is my random rant and I think that if people actually buy this and expect it to work then they should lose weight by having their head cut off because they are obviously not using it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Waiters... yeah they suck

So, my best friend Jan and I are out on our regular Tuesday lunch. You know the drill she bitches about her work I in turn bitch about mine. I give her the latest update on all the wacky things that Diva did the morning on the way to school and well generally a good time is had by all. Generally

Well I love PF Changs, love it. We just got a new about a year ago, so its still relatively new. Anyway, whenever any of us from the office go, the service is great. I mean they wait on you an everything. However whenever Jan and I go, its like they forget we exist. Really I mean we are like the black hole of the restaurant. NO ONE pays us any attention. I ordered my usual, water with a lemon (only there cause they don't have limes) spring rolls for appetizer, egg drop soup and beef with broccoli. She gets all the same only cashew chicken. We literally sit there and finish our water before the food comes out. Never mind that it is the soup and not the spring rolls. Some other random person in black brings those. Then we get the entree, Jan asks for salt and you would have thought she asked for a gun. He looked at her like she was out of her mind. He brought the salt and we never seen him again. We finally got another random person in black to fill up our water glass and then we begged them for the check. At this point I am pissed. He is over getting our bill together and I timed it, it took 11 minutes to bring our change! 11 freaking minutes. REALLY. Yeah he got no tip and if there was a way I could have taken money away I would have. Jan swears she is never going back. I am torn. I only get bad service when I am with her and I love the spring rolls. Needless to say we are going back to our regularly scheduled lunch at Cantina Laredo where you can get service.

Other than that it was a decent day. The diva is planning all her stops for Halloween candy and is excited about it. OH and one for the record books... we are going to MULE day on Saturday. Yes you read that correctly, I said MULE day. I will certainly bring back pictures of Mule Day in South Georgia. LOL

Have a great night!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I do not understand...

Well 1st off there are plenty of things that I do not understand: why they make white sandals and grown folks jelly shoes, why there is a such thing as sugar free ice cream, why my daughter insists on trying to have a life or death conversation with me while I am in the shower, and well why my husband does 3/4's of the things that he does.

But one of the biggest things that I do not understand is why some people insist on finishing a book that they obviously do not like. Last night I was on Amazon and I was reading the reviews on various book that I have read or plan to read and I was singularly surprised at the number of 1 star rated reviews. Ok I am the 1st to say that we do not all like the same things. I love historical romance novels, LOVE THEM. I love to read them, but a deal breaker for me is usually anything set in the middle ages. All I can think about is the lack of people bathing and the lack of toothbrushes. So I know that I will not be able to concentrate on the story when all I can think about is when was the last time the hero had a bath, brushed his teeth and is he scratching the lice that I am sure he has. Another deal breaker for me is men in kilts. NOPE as far as I am concerned that's a cross dresser. I know, I know, I know, I am being narrow minded but hey that's just me.

Seeing as how I know these are deal breakers for me I will not even pick up a book about any of it. Ever. My time to read is to valuable to waste it on something that I do not like. That brings me back to the topic at hand. Why continue reading a book that by say the 3rd chapter you KNOW you do not like it? It make absolutely no sense to me. Personally I do not understand. Why torture yourself with something you positively detest?

So that is what I do not understand. If you can explain it to me please feel free!

Have a great day! Muah!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Like, totally the Tooth fairy is a no go.

The Diva has thought about it and well the Tooth Fairy is not for her. Like I did not know she was going to change her mind a 1000 times. So she is going to be an '80's girl. The kids loves the everything about the '80's. So since we are going to a party I am going to dress up as an '80's girl as well. This should be fun. So in preparation we are watching Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Flashdance, and all the others. I have already ordered the leg warmers. I think it will be fun. LOL, I just wish we had enough hair for a full side pony tail, but alas we don't.

BTW, did anyone see Project Runway last night? I am still on the bandwagan that if they pick Kenley to win, I am breaking up for good with PR.

I have more to say but I have to go straighten my hair and the Diva's hair. Have a great day yall!!


Monday, September 29, 2008

Halloween is coming up

Well Halloween is coming up. And for anyone who happened to read my blog last year at this time you will recall the Diva was a demon princess. Well this year she is going to be a tad less weird and be the tooth fairy. Yes you read that right she wants to be the tooth fairy. I have no clue where she comes up with this stuff. Although I actually think the tooth fairy is better than a Hershey kiss as that was her original idea. So I am in hot pursuit of the makings of tooth fairy costume.

I will let yall know how that goes.

As for everything else, I am of course in a bad mood cause the Cowboys last yesterday, grr!

But on an up note Kevin's b-day is coming up and I am planning him a nice get together with some friends. I am thinking you know only the people we really like and the Diva should have a spend the night party with the grandparents ya know. More to come soon about that.

Have a great night all!

Oh and last thing:
Run out and buy my friend Farrah Rochon's book The Holiday Inn, here; it comes out tomorrow!!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Project Runway...

Ok if you have followed my blog you know that I am hopelessly devoted to Project Runway. In my dreams I am Heidi Klum, minus the whole married to Seal thing. I mean he can sing but he is kinda “icky”. Don’t bash me Seal fans… you know I like blonde redneck boys—it’s just how I am wired. But like I said in my dreams I am 5 foot 10 and THIN and oh hell why not…blonde. Michael Kors is my absolute favorite designer. I love his clothes, (although his Spring collection may have to grow on me, I am not completely in love with it…BUT I am not in love with any of the spring collections at this point so it is not a refection on him in any way) his shoes and well his bags are TO. DIE. FOR.!! As for Nina Garcia, yes she needs to eat but hey I love her snarky little comments so I try to not to hold the “skinniness” against her. Then there is Tim Gunn, his style is impeccable as are his manners and well everything about him screams etiquette and propriety in a good way, so I have to “HOLLER” at my boy.

Anyway in saying this, I have to make an additional comment. I can not stand Kenley. She is one of the 4 remaining designers. She makes me gag!!! Everything she puts out is 100 different kinds of ugly and she is rude, obnoxious, hateful, insufferable and well completely intolerable all the way around. Not only is she rude (insert any other word of your choosing from last sentence) to the other designers she is RUDE to everyone, everywhere. I do not feel that she is fashion forward with her 1940’s soldiers coming home from war hair. And the outfits she wears, well I do not have enough blog space to tell you exactly how they make me feel. But so you will know the adjectives that I think best describe her style are as follows: repugnant, vile, hideous, revolting, ugly, gruesome, dreadful…and the list goes on; but I will stop there. So in saying this, if they let her win Project Runway and give $100,000 to start her own line, I VOW TO NEVER WATCH PROJECT RUNWAY AGAIN! Ever!!!!! I mean she is a vile, revolting beast and I refuse to take part in anything that would reward that.

By the way I am not alone in thinking this check out this link... they feel the same way!

Ok now that I feel better have a nice day everyone. MUAH!!!!

p.s. I have been trying to post this for days but its been one thing or another.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kevin... he is for sale

ok for anyone that is married, has a boyfriend or hell for that matter even knows a man, KNOWS that when one is even remotely sick, YOU can not deal with them. Kevin has been sick for most of the week. So he is for sale! I am DONE with him. He can either take medicine or he can live in the yard. The Diva and I are done listening to him COUGH.

Ok on to other things going...
I am watching Miami Hurricanes beat the snot out of Texas A&M. Pretty decent to me. I am a Miami fan you know.

I am excited that it is the weekend, the Diva and I slept in this morning. It was fabulous.

Ok on to another day.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

People are idiots!

Oh not you, you read my blog. Other people; yeah not so smart.

For example, if you ride your break for 7 miles down a major highway you are not allowed to be pissed when you stop for real and you nearly get rear ended. How in the hell is someone supposed to know this time you are really stopping.

Yet another example, if you have your left turn signal on for about 10 miles then how are people supposed to know you are turning when you really decide to turn?

ok on to other people... lets just say you are at lunch with your co-worker, you are both female. The 1st girl places her order and she stands there. You continue to look at the counter girl. Finally she says are you going to order. Of course you then give her that look (yeah that look-- you are so stupid) I plan too as soon as you take her money so we can pay separately. Then she wonders why you think she is a moron. Now to me and you it is obvious, but she was not that smart.

so that brings us to here. I am off to watch Project Runway and see how many different kinds of ugly they can pack in to one show. I am thinking at least 5, because there are six designers left and chances are I am bound to like something.

Hugs, loves and kisses to you.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday...again, didn't we just do this?

Here I have been waiting all week to watch Monday night football, you know the only reason that Mondays should exist and as of this moment my boys ain't looking so hot. Here's to hoping they pull it out of their butts.

Ok on to different things... I had a PTO meeting tonight. Yeah that was fun. But you know it was volunteer torture so I really can not complain about it, much.

And to anyone out there reading this crazy blog, I am looking for a book set in 1900 Galveston during the bad hurricane and the hero's name is John and the chickie's name is Mara. She makes gowns... yeah that's all I can remember. Grr, it's making me crazy. But I continue to search.

That's pretty much it for tonight. I need to go and drool over Tony Romo. Have fun kids and be safe MUAH!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let them eat cake!

So Wednesday was my b-day... eh it was a decent considering. I mean Ike did not come and visit me and I got presents.

BUT I did not get a cake... Just for future refererence I NEED A CAKE on my b-day. A cake I tell you people I need a cake!!!

Ok on to other things, Kevin and I are headed out to the Wine festival today so that should be fun.

The Diva is having a spend the night party with the grandparents, so we are going by ourselves. It's been a while since we did anything just the 2 of us. So I am sorta looking forward to having some alone time with him. And hey free wine is always good!

Have a great weekend... love, hugs and kisses--Muah

Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday... why do we need them?

As of yet I have am unable to see what purpose a Monday serves. No-one likes them and I am not an exception to that rule. Monday's pretty much suck all the way around.

Monday in the fall at least has football. Oh and speaking of football... yeah my Colts lost yesterday but the Cowboys and the Saints won so it was not too bad of a day. Tom Brady is out for the season... oh so sad I am not a Brady fan if you can tell.

Ok well it is September and I live in Florida... which means Hurricane Season. SO currently I am living with the weather channel to see what Evil Ike is up to. Its more of a lifestyle choice you know. You either watch the weather or you don't.

On to other things the diva had open house tonight. The 1st grade seems to be treating her well. She has not refused to go yet and that's a plus.

As for other things I am one day away from my 31st b-day. Yuck might I just add. I have decided we are going to celebrate quietly. Meaning I expect presents but everyone should refrain from mentioning that ugly number.

Loves and kisses to all!! Muah!! Nite-Nite!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

what you get for the money??

Somethings are easy to see what value they are, you know say... um your car for example. You know you need something that is reliable to get you from point A to point B. Some people have a kia, some people have a lexus, or your me and you have a nissan altima (that you absolutely adore) but at the end of the day its a good value for your and your lifestyle if gets you where you need to be. Other things are even easier to see the value in, say the dollar menu at McDonalds, if you know you have 2 bucks and some tax money then you know a cheeseburger and fries are there waiting for you.

Now on to things that you are not sure "what you get for the money". I am talking family here. Sure you love them and you do not need money from them but family is a lot of work and is generally worth it. Well this brings me to last Saturday night. Some family is here celebrating Labor Day holidays with us and the Diva heads to get a bath... well the 2 year old desperately wants to be anywhere my Diva is and follows her to the tub. The Diva relents and lets her get in the tub with her. They play for about 25-30 minutes. I am finishing washing the 2 years hair and she gets a weird look on her face. The diva is stepping out of the tub...well then all the sudden the 2 year old takes a DUMP in the tub. OMG my Diva is beyond ill at this. Mind you she was already out of the tub and believe me none got on her. It was just the point. Ya know. Oh and its been nearly a week and she will still not take a bath in there. She will only use my tub.

The Diva turns and looks at me and says, having cousins is sooooo not worth being pooped on.

Gotta love a 6 year olds mind!

MUAH!!! have a great night yall!! MUAH

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm BAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone I know I suck. I have not been able to update my blog as my life has been out of control. But thankfully I have it all back mostly under control. I hope everyone is doing well. We mostly are around here. Living at the beach in September means constantly watching the weather channel.

Football is now starting THANK YOU GOD!!! I love love love football season!!!

My Diva has started the 1st grade and well that has been interesting in our life. We now have homework and other school things to take care of. I guess the part of that I can barely believe is that the 2nd week of school they are already turning her into a little salesman. You know it would be easier in my life to just write the school a check for $100.00 bucks and call that my Diva's contribution. Then I would not have to beg all our family to buy that crap or have to deliver it all.

Kevin asked the Diva if she wanted to play soccer she informed that soccer was a lot of running and very little action and she was not in a hurry to have someone kick things at her. So I suppose soccer is out.

As for the other things going on around this place:
  • it is fall, maybe there will be something on tv (I somehow doubt it)
  • at least football will be on
  • election is coming up, I know that will be interesting
  • work is slowing down
  • my birthday is coming up I will be 29 :)

oh and one last funny note before I sign off for the day, The diva is going to be the ringbearer in my best friends Jan's wedding. Well she has known this for a while and she told me the other day that she had thought about it and well she really did not want to do it. I told her Ms. Jan would understand but why do you not want to do it? She said that wearing a bear suit would be to hot in the summer time and the fur would make her itch. YES the FUR WOULD MAKE HER ITCH, because being a ring bearer meant you would be dressed as a bear.

So if you are 6 and have been asked to be a ringbearer and you have no idea what a ringbearer does you will think you need a bear suit.

Everyone have a fabulous night as I am off to watch my love Micheal Kors on Project Runway and try to not gauge my eyes out and tear my ears off when Suede makes comments about his inspiration coming from his dead grandfathers, cousins, neighbors, aunts, brothers cat.

Kisses to all!!! MUAH

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunday in the South

Sunday was such a great day. Kevin, the Diva and I went for a boat ride to the springs. We had a blast. I however got just a little red, but being fair skinned I am used to it. Here is the Diva lounging in a chair. I have no idea how she stands that cold water but she is little; cold means nothing to anyone under 12. When we finally made her get out she was turning blue. But yet she still was not cold. She aint right. Oh well it was a great day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How was your Easter?

Happy Easter a day or so late! I hope you had a great day. We celebrated with family and overall it was a good day! The Diva is a determined egg hunter. At church she came up with 22 and at home she came up with 26. Not a bad egg count, huh?

She of course woke up at the crack of dawn ready to go. I wish just one day she would sleep-- but alas it is not to be done... Anyway I digress, we hunted eggs at church and she had a blast until my little drama queen fell down in the briers and got scratches on her knees. Oh My GOD, it was the end of the world. I think that she cried for 40 minutes. I finally had to take and put her in the car and tell her I was going to throw her Easter basket away. I know bad MOM... but I was tired of her whining. This is her smelling the flowers at church pre-brier incident. She was cute huh?

So I hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday and from my family to yours Happy Easter a day or so late.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here Comes Peter CottonTail

Here Comes Peter CottonTail hopping down the Bunny trail, hippity hoppity Easter’s on its way!!! At the Princess/Diva household we are deep into celebrating Easter. We have boiled eggs, we have filled plastic eggs with candy and the Diva has told everyone what the Easter bunny needs to put in her Easter basket. Personally I think that the Easter Bunny is over-rated. I mean why on God’s green earth would a Bunny come bearing eggs and chocolate… ok anyone can bring me chocolate and I will accept. I just have a hard time with the whole “I am a Bunny bearing gifts” routine ya know?

But anyway I digress, Sunday we had the Diva’s yearly Easter portrait with the live bunnies. None were strangled this year I might add. On the way back the diva asked “mom what does the Easter Bunny have to do with God?

Ok let me start at the beginning, Saturday opening day for Little League, Kelli - Team Mom. Picture it Kelli screaming at a bunch of little brats cause they wont put on their helmets, they have somehow lost their glove and hat on the way off the field and THEY All want to be the pitcher! JUST SHOOT ME NOW! So Saturday night the Diva decides she needs a spend the night party at MeMe and Popsie’s – Load her up and take her – pretty much my words.

So now we are to Saturday night (I hope your imagination works well, cause I am telling you Saturday was just blissful just blissful—hell I can not even type that with a straight face- I was damn happy it was over!) We went over to some friends and I decided it would be a great time to celebrate… well celebrate anything. I mean I would have toasted to trees and bushes and leaves and your birthday in November or just the fact that the day ended in Y. So seeing as how grey goose and pineapple juice like each other so well, I decided to get intimate with them myself. Which ends in Kelli drinking way more than she should have not only in one night but probably in a at least a week. Now I am going to have to blame some of it on making drinks in the dark. How was I supposed to know that I was using entirely to much vodka… I mean it is clear FCOL!

So now it’s Sunday morning and I have to drag my-HUNGover-self to have the Diva’s pictures made and she now she wants to know what does God have to do the Easter Bunny. My reply I think was absolutely perfect.

Go ask you Daddy!”

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Telephone Etiquette

As I was driving home yesterday, I called the house. The conversation goes like this:
Diva: Hello
Well hey baby, what’s Momma’s girl doing?
Diva:I am not taking off my shoes, that’s what.
Me: Ok... well that’s good, where is Daddy?
Diva: Umm he is around
Me: Ok can I talk to him?
Diva: Umm yeah, stay right here (ok where am I going to go?)
Me: Ok lovie. Now I hear her run through the house, she comes back and picks up the phone
Diva: It will be a few minutes… lets have some on hold music--- The itsy bisty spider climbed up the waterspout, down cam the rain… (she sings me the entire song)

Finally Kevin gets the phone before she can launch good into I’m a little teapot… which I must add is really cute when she sings it… but I digress.

Back to my Diva’s phone etiquette or lack there of, she is only 6 so I thought it was not too terribly bad. So we will have to work on this along with about a million other things.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Anniversary to me!!

Today is my anniversary. Kevin and I have been married 8 years. WOW!!! No-one is dead! A miracle if I do say so myself.

You know it is funny; I can remember being so nervous before we got married and worrying about everything going perfect. The day of our wedding it rained a monsoon…my sister dropped her maid of honor dress in the red clay… I lost his ring… and there was a tornado while we were on the interstate headed to Disney for our honeymoon. But you know now I look back at all those things and they make me smile. Those things make my wedding special. Now I think of my bridesmaids in there beautiful sky blue colored dresses with their fans covered in flowers and my nieces and nephews looking so cute. I would not have traded all those things going wrong for anything in the world. So Happy Anniversary, Kevin I love you!!!
By the way the necklace is my gift. Kevin got a great bottle of Scotch!!! Great gifts, huh?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

What does pneumonia look like?

Well I can tell you that it has brown hair streaked with auburn and big brown eyes! In other words my Diva has it. Ok I know that she is sick, but she is driving me crazy for crying out loud. Please recall she is the biggest drama queen known to man. I mean she wants to go to the emergency room for a hang nail. You think I am making that up? Well I am not. Yes, yes, yes, I realize she come by the drama part naturally, I mean I did birth her and all. What can one expect? The fever is out of control, of course 104 would make even the most laid back people freak out, not that I have ever been accused of being laid back.

But anyway, she is sick, my house is dirty, she is whiny, I need to do laundry, she is sleeping between Kevin and I in the bed, in short this week has been hell.

And they have my picture up (you know the kind with Most Wanted, please alert security, should this woman show up – yeah you know it) at the X-ray place. They pissed me off royally on Tuesday when I was trying to have her chest x-rays done. Needless to say we will never be going back there. Even had the service not been awful, my welcome is not guaranteed after my behavior. But they should have performed the test that we needed and sent us on our way not keep us for nearly 2 hours then refuse to give me her x-rays because their Dr had not looked at them. As if I care what he thinks. I care what her pediatrician thinks not some radiologist.

So in short this has been my week, Tylenol, Motrin, antibiotics, cough syrup and COFFEE by the gallon.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Having a Makeover....

This post is a little self indulgent… hell it’s my blog; the whole thing is self indulgent. If you have been a diligent follower of my blog (and I know who you are…) you know that I turned 30 in 2007. Struggled with that one let me tell you. I can barely believe it myself. I still think of myself as young. Then I catch the early signs of crow’s feet and know that I am not as young as I used to be.

SO…. The reason behind this post is the examination of my life and who I am as a person. I have been talking to my best friend Jan and told her that I am trying to be a better person. In searching this topic out I found this article and I really really really LIKE it! please click here to read the whole article, I pulled this part out to talk about it.

Good character includes, integrity, courage, virtue, kindness, honesty, loyalty, patience. "Character is doing what's right even when no one is looking" – unknown
To improve my character, I want to mend rifts of old friendships and want to reconnect with my family that I have lost track of.
I have recently been told that I am hard and unforgiving but I am going to try to look at things in a whole new perspective and travel the road to a better person.

emotional well-being
Emotional well-being has a lot to do with how you cope in daily life, how you view yourself and the world around you, how you react to situations.
To improve my emotional well being I am going to stand back and not react until I know the entire story and then I am going to treat it rationally and calmly…. Or at least try

Your mentality, your thoughts and mindset can have either a positive or negative effect on your overall well-being and how you see everything around you.
To improve my mentality I am going to have a positive outlook on life and think good thoughts!

physical well-being
Physical well-being is very important. If you don't feel well physically, it's difficult to function in all other areas.
To improve my physical well being well that one is little harder, but I am going to TRY to at least eat better. I exercise, but not enough and I need to incorporate it in my life better.

A dulled spirit can mean a dulled life. Everyone needs to connect to something higher than themselves, discovering a deeper sense of who they are and where they belong.
To improve my spirituality, I am not sure. I have no problem with my beliefs. I know that there is a GOD and I know that he is looking out for me. I also know that the choices I make affect the path that he has put in front of me.

So those are the things that I am going to work on… now I am not saying that I am going to accomplish them all… BUT I am going to try! Besides who doesn't loveto have a makeover, especially if it comes with cute shoes!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

50 years? What does it really mean?

It was Kevin's parents 50th wedding anniversary on the 15th. All I have to say is that I am glad it is over. I am done withhn planning and prepping and trying to get all things done. We had them a really really nice dinner at this little boutique hotel and we are going to have a party later on. We were supposed to have a party this weekend but due to the rain a lot of people could not make it. So we are going to do it in the Spring.
50 years with out killing each other should be somethiung to celebrate. I know that should I not kill Kevin by then, we are are throwing one hell of a shindig!
So heres to his Parents 50 years!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Funny Valentine

Well it’s the Diva’s 1st Valentines Day at school. We have did her Valentines, you see the picture of them. I think that they are cute!

Kevin and I are not big on lots of gifts for the “Hallmark Holiday!” Our deal is not to spend more than $20. Well I am cool I just have to say… the Fossil outlet was having a huge sale and I had a coupon so he got a normally $75 watch, I got it for less than $20. Go me, go me!
So Happy Valentines Day to Everyone!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Geographically challenged

I am geographically challenged, I know this about myself; my friends know this about me. Believe me, had you rode in the car with me in Dallas you would know this about me as well. (How many times can I say that I am sorry yall… it was those one way streets, but some of it was me). Yes I can follow directions as long as you give me landmarks and street signs. As long as I have those I can get there. But do not tell me to turn east or west. I need you to say “take a left at the McDonalds, go down to the third redlight and make a right.” When you use east in west, I have to figure out which way east and west are…

Then I am challenged with knowing where other places in the world are. Yeah not so good at this either. I once had Portugal and Peru confused. My point was that they both started with a “P”; never mind that they are on different continents. Yada, yada, yada…

Anyway that brings me to my Diva. I had no idea that this was a hereditary thing that I passed to her. As you know, she and I have been reading Harry Potter. Her question was why she can’t visit the places in Harry Potter. I told her we might could one day, but they are in England. She wrinkled her brow and asked “Is that up in Alabama somewhere?” I shook my head, kissed her on the forehead and said “no honey it’s another country and continent as well.”

She looked at me and said “how should I know these things I am six and you have not taught them to me yet.”

That’s when I realized I handed the geographically challenged gene down to her. Oh well what can I do??? I will make sure she actually pays attention in 9th grade Geography!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Harry Potter hero

Ok I live in Harry Potter hell. I am just telling you. My diva thinks that he is the greatest thing since well... Umm Captain Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean. And she is in love with Captain Jack. However, she says she feels Harry is closer to her age and not always being chased by the police so she and Harry would have more fun together than her and Jack; even though she is a muggle. Other than Harry her favorite character right now is Dobby. She thinks he is cute. I know she is wierd little girl. So, now she wants to get a house elf. Personally I think she only wants one so that she can get him to clean her room. She hates cleaning her room, BUT what child does want to, ya know? So she loves Dobby. She loves to act out the crazy things he does.
Ok I am going to admit that I like Harry as well. I am enjoying discovering his world with her. She is amazed at every bit of it and really like that she is getting involved with reading. So If Harry and Dobby give her a life long love of reading well then Harry can be my hero as WELL.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A beauty Queen??

So, do you see this dress? Ok on Friday of last week, my Diva comes home with a letter advertising that there will be a little miss pageant. Ok let me preface this with we have done 2 pageants in the past. The 1st one was when she was 22 months old. Let me explain this to you, well she did pretty good if you count the fact that she came in 1st runner up and it was her 1st pageant. But then I am reminded about the talent portion of the competition. She sat down and said "I need to roll, Mommy." So in front of God and everyone she proceeds to roll from side of the stage to the either. Sure you are thinking that is not to bad, right? Well you are right it would have not been a big deal HAD thier been a TALENT PORTION, but indeed there was not. So here she is rolling all over the stage. YES I am embarresed. We just decided she was to young, to do it again at that time.

When she was three, I let myself be talked into it again. Well she was older and I thought for sure she would be able to handle it. YEP, I was wrong. Completely utterly undeniably WRONG! She did not want to go out there she did not want to have her hair done and she did not want to change her clothes. Yet again she comes in 1st runner up and wins the most photogenic and favorite. True this time she does not roll on the ground, BUT she does insist she will not go on stage without lovie.

Which leads me to the point I am trying to make, I am not doing this again!!! Twice is enough for anyone. So, there I was debating if I want to do this again. I talked it over with her and she was still wanting to do it. So we pull up a dress on the internet for us to start getting an idea of what she wants. She takes one look at that pink dress and says "never mind the dress looks itchy." I stand there with my mouth open and she then says "lets go get my hair cut."

So after all that she doesn't want to and I hate to admit this but I am almost disappointed.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy birthday to my DIVA!

Jan, 4th was my Diva's birthday. She was excited. She said she had been waiting forever to be 6! So we had her a party at school on the 4th and one at home on the 5th. She had a great time. The cupcakes are from her party at school and the "6" cake is her party at home.
If you have ever read my bog from before you know that she asked for a venus flytrap for Christmas, well she got one for her b-day. Now I have to keep it alive. Anyone have any tips?
Over all it was a good day both days for her party and according to her she had fantabulous time! Her words not mine. Her bedroom looks like a bomb went off in it and I think it will take me a least a month muck it out, now that Christmas and her b-day are over.
I pay really well of anyone would like to join me in cleaning it! NO takers huh? Ok well if I get lost in there please send a search party.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Into the new year

As I go into the New Year, there are several things that I want to point out that happened in the 2007...

My Diva started kindergarten, what a shock for me. Damn that meant I had a kid that was going to elementary school. What the hell I am young, not old enough for that. Then there is the whole "oh my GOD, I am turning 30" revelation. Yeah less than impressed with that. Had a great 30th b-day party, though. GREAT, even for being 30. Have to do a shout out to Stacey and Robert... WOOT... thanks for the jello shooters and the lemon drop, made my 30th b-day MUCH more bearable! On to Kevin, thank God he puts up with me and my craziness. He needs way more than a shout out, so if you see him give him a high five! God knows he needs one, for living with and that Diva. No one ever wonders why he drinks after they meet the two of us... hmmm, I will have to give that some thought.

Ok on to some personal things for me and not my family...
I flew to Dallas to meet up with my girlfriends, got my luggage lost, Ate some fabulous McDonald's food at 2am. Met my fabulous and dear friend Farrah Rochon! Shout out to Farrah, (BUY HER NEW BOOK RELEASE ME in JUNE 2008 -- I know shameless plug for my friend- but hey its my blog!) I loved my trip to Dallas... Laying on the piano in the bar (hey I always wanted to- it was there I had drank one, two or ten martinis), Running a bunch of red lights, sorry about that girls, I really did not see them. Homeless people with luggage was new to me as well. Ending the trip with a visit to Texas Stadium(small pause her for reverence.....................). I have to say it was one fabulous trip!

Now as for the news:

Some people might point out that all the little "it" girls went crazy... Britney's shaved head (girl, no matter how much weight you lose and how cute your clothes are BALD is BAD!), Paris's (although as of yet I am still not sure what she has to contribute to humanity) stay in the slammer, Lindsey's drug charges (stick with red honey, you are not a blond) and the list goes on and on. Sadly...

Then there are other things like Colts win the Superbowl!! (Go COLTS!!!! Love me some Peyton Manning!) Then there is Barry Bonds; did he, didn't he use steroids. I have to say who cares (by the way I think baseball is nearly as boring as golf... sorry to offend all yall b-ball fans). Then there is Don Imus and the whole "nappy headed ho incident". Hmmm.... seeing as how I know some nappy headed ho's and have occasionally been nappy headed myself, (though not a ho to my knowledge, regardless of what Jan says!! OH and BTW I had no clue as to who he was... thats how important he was in my world...but I digress)I do not think that was nice of him. BUT it is a free country, so he is welcome to his opinion. But then I am also welcome to mine in thinking he is an IDIOT!

So 2007 was interesting... what does 2008 hold? I guess we will have to wait and see.