Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Diva's Plans

The other morning the Diva and I were driving to the sitters house and I asked her what she wanted to do when the weekend got here. You could tell she was giving it some thought then she replied. "Well I am not sure I have all these other plans. Let me think on it."

I look at her and say "what other plans?"

"Oh you don't know Mom, I have lots of plans. Let's see, well the end of June I am going to the movies to see Transformers and then July will get here and I will celebrate my half birthday (I started that a long time ago, her half b-day is July 4th and we always have a cook out. Well we called it her half b-day when she was 2 and it stuck... great idea huh... NOT!) then Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince comes out. Next is August and you promised me that you and Daddy would take me to do something before school starts back. Then in September we are going to see Kenny Chesney is Tallahassee. In October we are going to Disney World to trick or treat with Stitch and I want to be an East High cheerleader for Halloween (High School Musical). After that it will be November and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows comes out along with Edward (insert dreamy sigh... not sure if it is for Edward or Harry as she loves them both, although not as much as she loves Troy Bolton- Zac Efron) in New Moon. Then its December and we have Christmas and move on to January and it will be my birthday. Now in February there is not much going on other than Valentines Day, but you always get me a prize so its not a complete waste. Then its March and Spring Break and we will go back to Disney World. Yeah I don't have much time to do anything but we might can squeeze going somewhere and doing something in there. Let me get back to you."

At this point I have nothing to say. Because well what's left? I mean she has plans from now till March and she is ONLY 7. I think I need to buy her a Palm Pilot or at the very least a day planner to keep up with all of it. FCOL... where does she come up with this?