Sunday, November 30, 2008

Here is how you combat that Thanksgiving weight

So... Jan and I were being fools and were in the Wal Mart on Saturday... well we went looking for a box for her to send to her kids and had a little time to kill before she went home to watch the Alabama Auburn game at 2:30. Well we get to the check out line and we look at it 2:05. Plenty of time, she lives about 3 miles away so it was not a big deal that we hurry. The lady in front of us has 4 things, they are all produce. Well apparently they were not ringing up correctly and she is having a cow over the onion and the bell pepper. She thinks that they are cheaper than what they rang up. I looked up and the cashier is GONE! Well apparently she has went to the produce section to check it out. Ok just so you know I would have given her a dollar to just go the HELL on. In the end I think she saved right at 50 cent. If she would have taken my dollar she would have came out ahead.

Well in the time that we had to kill we are looking at the various "impulse" items you can buy. Its random things like cd's, chapstick, febreeze, dog toys you know all the things that you would really think that you need at the check out. Then we spot IT! Jan finds it first and begins to laugh. She shows it to me and well... words fail me. I am ACTUALLY speechless. QUICK LOSS DIET SPRAY.

Ok number one, who in the hell would buy some shit called Quick Loss Diet Spray? Number Two I mean REALLY??? It works in minutes and lasts for hours? Ok what happens when it wears off? Do you gain twice what you lost? I know that there are lots of things that people will buy to lose weight but a SPRAY??
Ok that is my random rant and I think that if people actually buy this and expect it to work then they should lose weight by having their head cut off because they are obviously not using it.