Thursday, January 31, 2008

Geographically challenged

I am geographically challenged, I know this about myself; my friends know this about me. Believe me, had you rode in the car with me in Dallas you would know this about me as well. (How many times can I say that I am sorry yall… it was those one way streets, but some of it was me). Yes I can follow directions as long as you give me landmarks and street signs. As long as I have those I can get there. But do not tell me to turn east or west. I need you to say “take a left at the McDonalds, go down to the third redlight and make a right.” When you use east in west, I have to figure out which way east and west are…

Then I am challenged with knowing where other places in the world are. Yeah not so good at this either. I once had Portugal and Peru confused. My point was that they both started with a “P”; never mind that they are on different continents. Yada, yada, yada…

Anyway that brings me to my Diva. I had no idea that this was a hereditary thing that I passed to her. As you know, she and I have been reading Harry Potter. Her question was why she can’t visit the places in Harry Potter. I told her we might could one day, but they are in England. She wrinkled her brow and asked “Is that up in Alabama somewhere?” I shook my head, kissed her on the forehead and said “no honey it’s another country and continent as well.”

She looked at me and said “how should I know these things I am six and you have not taught them to me yet.”

That’s when I realized I handed the geographically challenged gene down to her. Oh well what can I do??? I will make sure she actually pays attention in 9th grade Geography!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Harry Potter hero

Ok I live in Harry Potter hell. I am just telling you. My diva thinks that he is the greatest thing since well... Umm Captain Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean. And she is in love with Captain Jack. However, she says she feels Harry is closer to her age and not always being chased by the police so she and Harry would have more fun together than her and Jack; even though she is a muggle. Other than Harry her favorite character right now is Dobby. She thinks he is cute. I know she is wierd little girl. So, now she wants to get a house elf. Personally I think she only wants one so that she can get him to clean her room. She hates cleaning her room, BUT what child does want to, ya know? So she loves Dobby. She loves to act out the crazy things he does.
Ok I am going to admit that I like Harry as well. I am enjoying discovering his world with her. She is amazed at every bit of it and really like that she is getting involved with reading. So If Harry and Dobby give her a life long love of reading well then Harry can be my hero as WELL.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A beauty Queen??

So, do you see this dress? Ok on Friday of last week, my Diva comes home with a letter advertising that there will be a little miss pageant. Ok let me preface this with we have done 2 pageants in the past. The 1st one was when she was 22 months old. Let me explain this to you, well she did pretty good if you count the fact that she came in 1st runner up and it was her 1st pageant. But then I am reminded about the talent portion of the competition. She sat down and said "I need to roll, Mommy." So in front of God and everyone she proceeds to roll from side of the stage to the either. Sure you are thinking that is not to bad, right? Well you are right it would have not been a big deal HAD thier been a TALENT PORTION, but indeed there was not. So here she is rolling all over the stage. YES I am embarresed. We just decided she was to young, to do it again at that time.

When she was three, I let myself be talked into it again. Well she was older and I thought for sure she would be able to handle it. YEP, I was wrong. Completely utterly undeniably WRONG! She did not want to go out there she did not want to have her hair done and she did not want to change her clothes. Yet again she comes in 1st runner up and wins the most photogenic and favorite. True this time she does not roll on the ground, BUT she does insist she will not go on stage without lovie.

Which leads me to the point I am trying to make, I am not doing this again!!! Twice is enough for anyone. So, there I was debating if I want to do this again. I talked it over with her and she was still wanting to do it. So we pull up a dress on the internet for us to start getting an idea of what she wants. She takes one look at that pink dress and says "never mind the dress looks itchy." I stand there with my mouth open and she then says "lets go get my hair cut."

So after all that she doesn't want to and I hate to admit this but I am almost disappointed.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy birthday to my DIVA!

Jan, 4th was my Diva's birthday. She was excited. She said she had been waiting forever to be 6! So we had her a party at school on the 4th and one at home on the 5th. She had a great time. The cupcakes are from her party at school and the "6" cake is her party at home.
If you have ever read my bog from before you know that she asked for a venus flytrap for Christmas, well she got one for her b-day. Now I have to keep it alive. Anyone have any tips?
Over all it was a good day both days for her party and according to her she had fantabulous time! Her words not mine. Her bedroom looks like a bomb went off in it and I think it will take me a least a month muck it out, now that Christmas and her b-day are over.
I pay really well of anyone would like to join me in cleaning it! NO takers huh? Ok well if I get lost in there please send a search party.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Into the new year

As I go into the New Year, there are several things that I want to point out that happened in the 2007...

My Diva started kindergarten, what a shock for me. Damn that meant I had a kid that was going to elementary school. What the hell I am young, not old enough for that. Then there is the whole "oh my GOD, I am turning 30" revelation. Yeah less than impressed with that. Had a great 30th b-day party, though. GREAT, even for being 30. Have to do a shout out to Stacey and Robert... WOOT... thanks for the jello shooters and the lemon drop, made my 30th b-day MUCH more bearable! On to Kevin, thank God he puts up with me and my craziness. He needs way more than a shout out, so if you see him give him a high five! God knows he needs one, for living with and that Diva. No one ever wonders why he drinks after they meet the two of us... hmmm, I will have to give that some thought.

Ok on to some personal things for me and not my family...
I flew to Dallas to meet up with my girlfriends, got my luggage lost, Ate some fabulous McDonald's food at 2am. Met my fabulous and dear friend Farrah Rochon! Shout out to Farrah, (BUY HER NEW BOOK RELEASE ME in JUNE 2008 -- I know shameless plug for my friend- but hey its my blog!) I loved my trip to Dallas... Laying on the piano in the bar (hey I always wanted to- it was there I had drank one, two or ten martinis), Running a bunch of red lights, sorry about that girls, I really did not see them. Homeless people with luggage was new to me as well. Ending the trip with a visit to Texas Stadium(small pause her for reverence.....................). I have to say it was one fabulous trip!

Now as for the news:

Some people might point out that all the little "it" girls went crazy... Britney's shaved head (girl, no matter how much weight you lose and how cute your clothes are BALD is BAD!), Paris's (although as of yet I am still not sure what she has to contribute to humanity) stay in the slammer, Lindsey's drug charges (stick with red honey, you are not a blond) and the list goes on and on. Sadly...

Then there are other things like Colts win the Superbowl!! (Go COLTS!!!! Love me some Peyton Manning!) Then there is Barry Bonds; did he, didn't he use steroids. I have to say who cares (by the way I think baseball is nearly as boring as golf... sorry to offend all yall b-ball fans). Then there is Don Imus and the whole "nappy headed ho incident". Hmmm.... seeing as how I know some nappy headed ho's and have occasionally been nappy headed myself, (though not a ho to my knowledge, regardless of what Jan says!! OH and BTW I had no clue as to who he was... thats how important he was in my world...but I digress)I do not think that was nice of him. BUT it is a free country, so he is welcome to his opinion. But then I am also welcome to mine in thinking he is an IDIOT!

So 2007 was interesting... what does 2008 hold? I guess we will have to wait and see.