Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Waiters... yeah they suck

So, my best friend Jan and I are out on our regular Tuesday lunch. You know the drill she bitches about her work I in turn bitch about mine. I give her the latest update on all the wacky things that Diva did the morning on the way to school and well generally a good time is had by all. Generally

Well I love PF Changs, love it. We just got a new about a year ago, so its still relatively new. Anyway, whenever any of us from the office go, the service is great. I mean they wait on you an everything. However whenever Jan and I go, its like they forget we exist. Really I mean we are like the black hole of the restaurant. NO ONE pays us any attention. I ordered my usual, water with a lemon (only there cause they don't have limes) spring rolls for appetizer, egg drop soup and beef with broccoli. She gets all the same only cashew chicken. We literally sit there and finish our water before the food comes out. Never mind that it is the soup and not the spring rolls. Some other random person in black brings those. Then we get the entree, Jan asks for salt and you would have thought she asked for a gun. He looked at her like she was out of her mind. He brought the salt and we never seen him again. We finally got another random person in black to fill up our water glass and then we begged them for the check. At this point I am pissed. He is over getting our bill together and I timed it, it took 11 minutes to bring our change! 11 freaking minutes. REALLY. Yeah he got no tip and if there was a way I could have taken money away I would have. Jan swears she is never going back. I am torn. I only get bad service when I am with her and I love the spring rolls. Needless to say we are going back to our regularly scheduled lunch at Cantina Laredo where you can get service.

Other than that it was a decent day. The diva is planning all her stops for Halloween candy and is excited about it. OH and one for the record books... we are going to MULE day on Saturday. Yes you read that correctly, I said MULE day. I will certainly bring back pictures of Mule Day in South Georgia. LOL

Have a great night!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I do not understand...

Well 1st off there are plenty of things that I do not understand: why they make white sandals and grown folks jelly shoes, why there is a such thing as sugar free ice cream, why my daughter insists on trying to have a life or death conversation with me while I am in the shower, and well why my husband does 3/4's of the things that he does.

But one of the biggest things that I do not understand is why some people insist on finishing a book that they obviously do not like. Last night I was on Amazon and I was reading the reviews on various book that I have read or plan to read and I was singularly surprised at the number of 1 star rated reviews. Ok I am the 1st to say that we do not all like the same things. I love historical romance novels, LOVE THEM. I love to read them, but a deal breaker for me is usually anything set in the middle ages. All I can think about is the lack of people bathing and the lack of toothbrushes. So I know that I will not be able to concentrate on the story when all I can think about is when was the last time the hero had a bath, brushed his teeth and is he scratching the lice that I am sure he has. Another deal breaker for me is men in kilts. NOPE as far as I am concerned that's a cross dresser. I know, I know, I know, I am being narrow minded but hey that's just me.

Seeing as how I know these are deal breakers for me I will not even pick up a book about any of it. Ever. My time to read is to valuable to waste it on something that I do not like. That brings me back to the topic at hand. Why continue reading a book that by say the 3rd chapter you KNOW you do not like it? It make absolutely no sense to me. Personally I do not understand. Why torture yourself with something you positively detest?

So that is what I do not understand. If you can explain it to me please feel free!

Have a great day! Muah!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Like, totally the Tooth fairy is a no go.

The Diva has thought about it and well the Tooth Fairy is not for her. Like I did not know she was going to change her mind a 1000 times. So she is going to be an '80's girl. The kids loves the everything about the '80's. So since we are going to a party I am going to dress up as an '80's girl as well. This should be fun. So in preparation we are watching Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Flashdance, and all the others. I have already ordered the leg warmers. I think it will be fun. LOL, I just wish we had enough hair for a full side pony tail, but alas we don't.

BTW, did anyone see Project Runway last night? I am still on the bandwagan that if they pick Kenley to win, I am breaking up for good with PR.

I have more to say but I have to go straighten my hair and the Diva's hair. Have a great day yall!!