Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hmm… as I begin the laborious task of packing for our trip to Disney World, Kevin asks me if I really need all of that.  “That” he is referring to are products.  Products for me range from makeup and hair stuff to smaller things like q-tips and tissues.  Of course, I unequivocally answered with a resounding YES!

Although my answer was yes, it has made me think; do I “really” need all of that?  At first glance I want to say yes, I need every single solitary bit of it.  But maybe not, now I am thinking what could I not go a day without.  Seeing as how I have a wide assortment of stuff I am going to sort it into groups and start with the hair group.

Hair is such a small word that takes up so much of my time.  As a girl with naturally wavy/curly hair, I tend to attempt to tame my mane into submission.  Ha! Each day I have choices, would I like to be nice and straight, my preferable hair?  What about embrace my natural waves/curls and letting them fly free, the easiest hair.  Last but not least, Kevin has a soft spot for those big soft waves created by a curling wand.  (Reminder he is a product of his 80’s environment: big hair, bad fashion, great music.)

Since I am talking hair, there is no way I could possibly discuss it without giving a shout out to the best stylist ever: Nikki!  She is like Mary Poppins.  You never know what she can make happen and practically perfect in every way.   Not to mention she manages fabulous with the definitely unmanageable and unfabulous.

Like any fashionable chica good shampoo and conditioner are a must.  I swap back and forth between Biolage – love that smell and Pantene- love that price.

For that poker straight hair, which I absolutely adore, my flat iron is an essential.  I could never even attempt a half way decent straight look without it.  I used to swear by my beloved chi, but one to many drops to the floor and alas it had to be laid to rest.  I have yet to find one just like that one so I am using my old standby.  It’s been with me a long time and she’s PINK!  To keep the frizzies at bay I use G&K serum and it is off the chain when it comes to frizz.  Last but not least is my brush.  Nothing special about her, she is just an average drugstore hair brush, who does her job well. 

For that natural wavy/curly wild look, Bumble & Bumble surf spray is the way to go.  Soon as hair has air dried a little, spritz it in and follow up with some Big Sexy hair and I am DONE!  I like to pull the front back a little from my face with small bobby pins. Like I said easiest of all to maintain and when the day calls for 99% humidity sometimes it is the only option.

Some days though I just feel the need for those soft waves.  For those I start with got2be mousse in wet hair.  Blow dry, separate and section with clips then use my curling wand on each section.  It really does not take any longer than straightening it; sometimes it’s actually faster because I don’t feel the need for it to be completely perfect.  And finish it off with again my favorite hair spray Big Sexy hair.  The bobby pins come into play here as well.  I just find that I can not stand my hair in my face while I am trying to accomplish something.

Wow.  Okay, sure that seems like a lot of products, but each does a different job and I need each one of them to accomplish something completely different.  And while, I am not one to branch out about many things, I do like to wear my hair in many ways.  So all in all I need each one of those products.  You can see each hairstyle in the post below.

My second group is makeup, but I fear if I was to show the entire word how much makeup I have I may be judged harshly.  I have a small obsession with eye shadows.  I feel the need to have LOTS of them in a wide assortment of colors.  So rather than put it out there, that group must wait for another day.  This post is long enough, anyway!

Those are my favorite hair products.  What about you?  What do you need to make your world function?  

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Hair!

You may remember this post from last year, when I could not decide what I wanted to do with my hair. Well I finally made something happen...

New BLONDE waves

The Diva and me with my natural curly BLONDE hair.

The Diva and Me with straight BLONDE hair. 

For the record I have never been BLONDE in my life.  This is something completely new for me.  I do like it, however I am completely OVER Kevin now constantly referring to me as BLONDIE!  LOL

On our way to DISNEY

I know I have been a bad blogger, life has seen that I have many things to do and not enough time to accomplish it all.  This week we are getting ready for our trip to Disney.  The Diva is beyond excited and well I certainly will not complain about a week off work spent at “The most magical place on earth.”  This is our annual trip and it coincides with our 12th anniversary.  It is still hard to believe we have been married nearly 12 years. I still look the same… okay, okay I do look a little different.  We have our share of good and bad times but somehow we have managed to make it through to the other side. 

Now about this trip to Disney.  We have some things planned and some things to play by ear.  We are eating at the following: 50’s PrimeTime CafĂ© in Disney’s Hollywood Studios; Ohana’s at the Polynesian Resort; Tony’s Town Square in the Magic Kingdom and the Rose and Crown in Ecpot. Mostly all the Diva’s favorites. 
The Diva has favorites at all 4 parks and does not mind making you a plan of what you should do next.  Kevin and I joke we could rent her to Disney to make itineraries for first timers.  She knows each park like the back of her hand and rarely uses the maps for anything other than to see the times of shows or the parades.
Here are a few pictures from our past visits to Disney and yes, that six foot tall grown redneck man sports his matching mouse wear proudly. 
2010 at Epcot

Mouse wear

Miami Mouse... this was before
the Diva decided she is an Auburn Tigers fan.

Everyone in their matching mouse wear.
We enjoy our family time with the Mouse and think it's a great vacation for us.  We know it is not for everyone, but we do what makes this royal family happy. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All A's and the Bee

Reports cards are currently being proudly displayed on the fridge, all A's again for the Diva.  As her Mommy, I know I am ecstatic she makes the effort in school and that is shows on her report card. Following her report card was the Spelling Bee! Now, my Diva is not one for the limelight.  Okay, let me re-phrase that, she is only one for the limelight if she knows everything can be perfect. In the end she did not win, which [her words] was great.  Her BFF was also in the Bee with her, she did not win either so to make it up to the both of them we had a BFF photo shoot!  Here are a few of the pictures!

 I think they turned out great.  To see the whole shoot you can check it out here.  The girls had a blast and it was a great weekend even if they did not win the Spelling Bee! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Day or 2 late...

Life has been a roller coaster ride of yummy goodness since Christmas.  Family, fun, work and so much more have occupied our every waking moment at the Castle.  And you know I like to do everything in grand Princess Style.

My Diva celebrated her 10th birthday in her usual diva style.  Family party on the day of her birthday included the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and even a friend or two.  The family party always includes all requests for dinner; sometimes it’s reservations (personally my favorite) and others it happens to be your favorite meal.  This year the Diva wanted a Mexican party.  She wanted tacos plus all the fixins.  And what would a birthday party be without a cake??  Lately the Diva is slightly obsessed with Pinterest and she found an amazing Oreo Pudding cake.  Believe me there was not one thing low fat about this cake.  It was so good, though!
Happy Birthday Little Diva
We moved to the weekend and on to her friend sleepover party.  The Diva along with her 3 besties spent the night.  The girls are so funny, I love them so much.  How we went from being little girls playing with stickers, coloring books and Barbie’s; to make up, new hairstyles and boys in such a short time is still a mystery to me.  They want to be grown up so badly, although I continue to tell them there is not any hurry. OH... don't call the cops that's Sparkling Grape juice in their wine glasses. 
Raise a glass to BFF's

Grape juice is GOOD!

Birthday weekend came and went and I blinked and it was time for MLK weekend.  That might not mean anything to you other than a day off, but to us here at the beach it means 30ASongwriters Festival.  Cool nights and HOT music direct from those who penned it.  It’s one of my favorite holiday weekends.  True, it means a heck of a lot of work, but I have to admit it’s a heck of a lot of fun.  Here’s a few photos of the songwriters and artists I was lucky enough to meet. 
Matthew Sweet

Reed Waddle

Joan Osborne

David Ryan Harris

I think my favorite was Kevin Rowe, there is just something about that British accent.  Makes me think Prince William and Prince Harry and what princess doesn’t have a secret crush on those two? 
Kevin Rowe and my favorites chickies from the office.  Heart you Jami and Elisa!

My Kevin, however really enjoyed himself and was the recipient of a serenade from Larkin Poe.  Here’s the picture to prove it.
Larkin Poe
The Bangles were hailed as the big draw and yes they were good, but the smaller venues interacting with the artists were so much more fun!
Yep, that is the Bangles behind me.  
And I will close out with one last picture of my handsome Kevin and me hanging out and having a fabulous time.